What I found in Aurora? Southeast Paradise?


Hi guys! Its me again. After a year, since last I created my last blog post, I am back to create a brand-new experiences which I lovely most.

This is my first time experience with other travelers since I started creating blogs. Actually, my colleagues joined this tour so I decided to join too not only to travel but to find, what are the different spot of Dingalan, Aurora and also to meet other people.

When my foot touches the rocks and sand of Aurora’s land, I was amaze into it. I smell fresh air, I heard chirping birds and eat fresh food. With Dingalan, Aurora, we visited our main target which is the Dingalan, Aurora (Southeast Paradise). In this spot, we trek more or less 5 minutes in the top of the mountain which you can see below is the seaside of it. At the bottom of the mountain, you can find the total power of waves that touches in different formation of rocks.

After a tiring tour at Dingalan Light House, we spend our time to eat our lunch in a small cottage. Pork meat, at slide of water melon, fern leaves salad with egg and fish, that was the food we eat during our lunch. I know it was different from others eaten but we very thankful to have those food on our table. I know that someone of you mostly like to buy their own food in restaurant but during our tour we learn how to manage and budget our penny.

We very thankful to our tour guide which spend time for us to treat us and bring us on their own town. All people we met in boat dock are very generous. They treat us as visitors, like what they did when there is other people from other country in our town. We all know that we are not different to all people from Dingalan, Aurora but they spend time for us. (Read more..)

During our stay in the town of Aurora, there is only one lesson I learned, “Love our country first before your spend your time to travel to other country”. Hope that you like this post and see you soon again guys. Thank you for reading. Love you

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