The 10th Scott Kelby PhotoWalk : The Great Taal Lake Loop


1 month ago after this event. I knew that many things has changed but before my 24th year in this world, I want to go back first what happened last time.

Early in the morning, I woke up at exactly 04:00 A.M. I know it was not my ordinary time when I am waking up for my work. Yes, I woke up early due to excited for this event. This is not my first time to have this opportunity but I’m so much excited and can’t really imagine what can happen on that day.

I packed all my things that I need to bring, a piece of cap, slippers in case I need it, 3 pieces of batteries, my lenses (18-55mm and 70-300mm), a couple of shirts and towels, a sunglasses, money of course and my camera. After I take a bath, I prepare my self for the long ride. Exactly 05:35 A.M., I arrived in Lima Park Hotel, which is our first destination(our meetup location).

We took photos inside and outside the hotel. After an hour, almost 2 hours I think we move to our next destination, the Talisay Market. We found different people,  vendor, fisherman while we walk beside the lake of taal.

We visited the Fantasy World in Lemery Batangas. When I’m not yet familiar with this tourist spot, I am thinking what’s inside in this spot. I also found in social media the different photos of netizens regarding this spot. We all know that a decades ago, Fantasy World was used by GMA 7 for their fantasy series entitled “Majika” led by Mr. Dennis Trillo and Ms. Angel Locsin.

Afterwards, we feel the emptiness of our stomach. Our leader decided to have a lunch in Taal Public Market. After we ate, Haidee (one of the photographers) has decided to take some shots in Galleria Taal (can be found on my next blog). We found how camera works from its starting point. We also found the first camera used during 1800’s.

Some shots in Galleria Taal:

Our last destination is the Marian Orchard and Balete Sunset.

I can’t wait for any walk with them.


Thank You and God Bless

We would like to thank and Lima Park Hotel for this event.

#ScottKelby #ScottKeylbyBatangas

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