#EnchantedKingdom – The Magic Stays With You


Everyone was still a kid, every kid dreaming off to bring their self in a community park. To ride, to play and have fun with their family, with their love ones and even their co – workers. This will be my first time to join in different rides, carousel, roller coaster, ferris wheel and many more. Last January this year, we decided to have fun, enjoy and make an out – of – work/out – of – town trip. We chosen to spend our time in #EnchantedKingdom. It’s been too long ride before you stand in front of this community park.

That day, I felt excited. I’m dreaming inside the car what this community park looks like. What are the rides inside on it, how people spend their time from the time it open.

As a blogger and photographer, I spending my time in different highlights and colors what nature has. I also focused on the smile of different people behind my back, what their doing and their inspiration.

Today, I’ll show how #EnchantedKingdom give us some highlights when we visited them. Hope, you like it.

My knowledge in this field isn’t good enough, but passion brings me to stand out and share different images of people. I smile, I make my life happier when I enjoy in this community park.

– Ferris Wheel –

Due to have a long holiday’s, lot’s of people spend their time with their family. All people inside this community park are all in queue in every rides they want to. All of us waiting for our turn before we feel the happiness brings to us of every rides we want.

– Carousel (behind our back)

My first time to ride in a carousel was give me feel how a kid feel – like. When I was a kid I want to ride on it but suddenly we don’t have enough money to spent for this carousel. At last, I know now how it feels when you are riding in this carousel. You enjoyed, promise!! 😀

We spent about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 mins. before our turn in every ride. Teens, adults, foreign and mostly kids are also want to have fun, to enjoy the rides.

– Roller Coaster –

The most familiar rides in all ages. All com park have this type of ride but the difference between this rides to others is it wasn’t too high, not too long and not too fast among the other. It only runs like a normal vehicle.

– Disc – O – Magic –

Disc – O – Magic gives me a feeling how you’ve rocking the cradle in the big amount of force. I felt how heavy the wind strikes my face in every swing of this ride. It takes about 3mins. or 5mins. before you out of this ride. After this allotted time, I feel how strong I am.

Everyone visiting in a community park like this want to have fun in all the rides inside on it. Due to heavy amount of people in a queue are, we have not ridden all the rides that EK offered. But this time, I promise to myself if I’ll get back inside this park I assured to get inside all the rides, hope so.

Anyway, different more rides can offer to you by Enchanted Kingdom as follows :

(in no particular order)

  • Extreme
  • Up, Up and Away
  • Anchor’s Away
  • Jungle Log
  • Flying Fiesta
  • Space Shuttle
  • Ghost Buster
  • Air Race
  • Rio Grande
  • Bump Car and many more…

Enchanted Kingdom also have different outpost for mini games like billiards, shot gun, etc., and interactive motion center like 7D that you can try too.

A month ago, there’s a new ride has been opened by Enchanted Kingdom, they called it “Agila”. If you have time and enough money to experience what inside on it, hurry and enjoy this new ride.

For more information regarding their schedule, price list, etc., feel free to visit their website at http://www.enchantedkingdom.ph/

Let me know your thoughts and share/tag me over your social media accounts.

All photographs taken using Canon 700D

Thank you guys and Cheers!

#LeoAlagarOnEK #EnchantedKindom

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